Laura C. Taylor Photography | Helpful Hints


Choosing a Location


              Outdoor sessions are fun and beautiful! They tend to have the best natural lighting and the most opportunity for candid shots. I encourage you to choose a location that means something to your family. A park, garden or even your own backyard! This is a place where your children are comfortable and can be themselves. I have lots of recommendations! 








What to Wear



Although matching clothing is not necessary, it is nice when outfits compliment each other. Fun colors and patterns are encouraged! Remember, bring extra clothes for the little ones! Very important: Please avoid NEON or fluorescent colors. They will cause a color cast on skin/faces.  Also avoid anything that would compete with your child’s beautiful face (like large logos or very loud patterns). Adults should wear clothing that is flattering and in color tones that don’t compete with your child’s clothing. For example, an adult in a bring orange top may draw more attention in your photos than your child does. Layers are always a good idea for variety! An outfit change during your session if completely fine if you have more than one for your child. You can always message me if you have questions about outfit choices. I’m happy to help!




The above family chose a neutral color pallet that works beautifully together. Little pops of color like the pink necklace really gave the outfits a special touch. None of the colors or patterns are competing with each other which helps make the people stand out rather than the outfits.









During the holidays it’s fun to wear pops of bright colors like a red dress or a bright plaid shirt. But remember that 5 people wearing red would be too much! In the above picture we have plaid that isn’t completely matching and broken up by vests and hats. Below we have a sweet red dress that is perfect for the holidays!







What to Bring




Kids are unpredictable! They may get hungry, cranky, or dirty at any time. Let's be prepared for anything! Please bring snacks, a few toys (balls are great!) and a set of extra clothes. Other useful items are blankets, bubbles, a favorite stuffed toy, a childrens book and some tissues/face wipes. I will have a neutral blanket, a chalkboard and a crate or barrel with me. Please bring any other props you would like! It is always a good idea to bring rain coats, umbrellas  and boots if there is even a little chance of rain. They make for fun pictures! I will also have lollipops and some ‘prizes’ for the end of our session.



Choosing Props



While planning our session please let me know if you have an interest in any special props or themes. Here are some examples of what I have done in the past. Not pictured: you can bring a bunch of helium balloons to your session!






Milk and cookies are fun and adorable for the holidays! I will bring jars, straws, plates, the barrel and a blanket. You would bring the milk and cookies per your family’s dietary needs. This is not recommended for mini sessions or children under two years old. For holiday sessions I can also bring candy canes and a gold star. Let's get creative this season!






Glitter! For children four years and older. I have silver glitter but you can bring colored glitter if you like!







For fall sessions I can bring a few small pumpkins or you can bring as many as you like! We can also go to a location that has pumpkins.

I always have a chalkboard and barrel with me. Costumes for Halloween mini sessions are fantastic!






Sweetheart mini sessions run Jan. through the beginning of Feb. I can bring this fun streamer background (even if we do the session outdoors). I also bring jars of heart shaped candy. I encourage you to get creative with candy, teddy bears or balloons!






What if it rains or someone is sick? Don't worry, I am flexible! We can always reschedule our shoot for a backup date. I understand that life happens! Just give me a call at least two hours prior to our session if you need to cancel. If it is raining I will call or text you the morning of our session to confirm if we need to use a backup date. Your session fee is non refundable but will carry over to a new date. I’m excited to work with you and meet your family! Let’s make some memories!