Laura C. Taylor Photography

Newborn Guide

Choosing a newborn photographer is a very personal decision. Do you want an in-home or studio session? Does the photographer's style match yours? I do in-home lifestyle newborn sessions with natural light. Having photos taken in the home you bring your baby to, where you rock him/her to sleep at night, is so special! My style is light, bright and a little magical. With years of experience photographing newborns I feel completely comfortable handling your baby. Capturing these precious moments at such an amazing time in your life is my favorite type of photography. We will create beautiful artwork for you to display in your home for years to come.

Why are babies photographed so young?

Newborns are sleepier, bendier and easier to pose in the first two weeks of life. During our session we will want your baby to sleep as much as possible. Babies are much easier keep posed while sleeping; as they get older babies stretch out more and resist the pose. Awake photos are lovely as well, especially for family photos. If your baby isn't sleeping much during our session we will try feeding, wrapping and white noise along with soothing and cuddling. We will take as many breaks as needed, little ones can't be rushed! This is why newborn sessions are about 3 hours long! Also keep in mind that older newborns can develop baby acne which can take a few weeks to clear up. I do retouching like skin smoothing and removing blemishes.

What should I do to prepare for my session? 

Before I come to your home, make sure the temperature will be comfortable when we take off the baby's clothing. If we are slightly uncomfortable, then your baby will probably love it! Feed your little one just before I come to your home. It helps to feed in just a diaper and a wrap. That way when I arrive baby will be sleepy and we won't have to remove clothing and disturb him/her right away. I will bring blankets, wraps, baskets and a crate. I have a few hats and headbands as well. I tend to gravitate toward natural baby with minimal frills. I do, however, think that adding a few props or headbands is pretty cute! Set out anything you want to use beforehand. It also helps to pick up toys and make beds. We will used the rooms with the best natural light, usually the master bedroom, baby's room and living room. 

 Will we get all these poses?

You can see a lot of pose variations on this page and my newborn page. We will try several of these poses. There are some that I almost always get, and some that are harder to accomplish. I start with the easiest and work through as many as I can. Some babies sleep a ton and are easy to pose, some don't sleep at all. Every session is unique and there isn't a way to predict exactly how it will go. We will do our best! I always get great photos and there might be a few that didn't work out, but the ones that do are so precious!

What should I wear?

Although matching clothing isn't necessary, it is nice when outfits compliment each other. Your clothing choices should reflect who you are and who your family is. Adults should wear clothing that is flattering and in color tones that don't compete with your child's clothing. For example, if an adult wears a bright orange top then that may draw more attention than the baby. Avoid loud patterns and logos. Most importantly: Please avoid NEON or fluorescent colors. They will cause a color cast on skin/faces. For a newborn session it is a good idea to have a backup outfit! Babies are unpredictable and may spit up etc. on your clothing. An outfit change during your session is completely fine! Let me know if you need help with wardrobe.

Can I include siblings?

Including siblings in your session is absolutely encouraged! Capturing the love between an older sibling and a new baby is really special! When young children are present we will start with family photos and move to sibling shots. We will finish with siblings in the first hour before they lose interest or get tired. Sometimes it helps to have a grandparent or extra adult present to help while we finish the rest of the session with the baby.

What is included in my session fee?

You can find my current pricing on the 'investment' page. I offer a great deal if you purchase a maternity+newborn package. Your newborn session will include 50+ beautifully edited high resolution images and downloadable from an online gallery where printing is available but not required. I highly recommend printing through my site because I use a professional printing service that will give you high quality prints! If you print elsewhere I can't guarantee that your photos would be printed with the same color tones and quality as seen on your screen. You can see examples of my work on my 'newborns' page. 


How do I book my session? 

Just email me at [email protected]! I can't wait to work with you and meet your new little one!